Working together for a Brighter Future

At Borchers, we have always taken pride in offering products that make the world safer and more colorful while offering the utmost performance and durability. For years, we have been focused on developing safer products and are proud to offer products that are cobalt-free, MEKO-free, emit low or zero VOCs, APEO-free, and/or enable the use of less raw materials. 

In January 2020, we became part of Milliken & Company, who shares our values and shows their commitment to sustainability through stringent standards and ambitious goals. We are excited to be part of a company that is dedicated to a better tomorrow by shrinking our footprint, promoting circular economies, and caring for our employees and communities.



Corporate Sustainability Reports

Download the 2022 Milliken & Company sustainability report.

Our 2025 Sustainability Goals

Planet: Reducing our Environmental Footprint

Our 2025 Planet Goals will reduce our global footprint in order to increase our global impact.

  • Reduce indexed greenhouse gas emissions by 25%
  • Reduce indexed water usage by 25%
  • Reduce indexed solid waste by 25%
  • ZERO waste to landfill
  • Increase renewable energy use to 100,000 MWh
  • ZERO environmental violations

People: Caring for our Communities

Our 2025 People goals recognize that cutting-edge innovations begin with cared-for communities.

  • Commit to an inclusive associate community
  • ZERO data privacy breaches
  • 10,000 volunteer hours
  • ZERO lost time safety incidents

Product: Advancing Circularity and Well-being

Our 2025 Product goals will help to create circular economies through internal assessments and industry-wide collaborations.

  • Develop safer products
  • Reduce raw materials used
  • Analyze new products launched using Life Cycle Analysis principles
  • Convene scientists and thought leaders to advance the goal of solving the plastics end-of-life challenge

Supporting the United Nations SDGs

Our 2025 goals support the following UN Sustainable Development Goals

Together we Strive

Long before it became a top priority for businesses, governments and consumers, sustainability was already a cornerstone of Milliken’s operational excellence. To supplement its long history of championing sustainable measures and challenging the frameworks of sustainability, Milliken enlisted the help of National Geographic.

Discover more in this video.

Read about Milliken’s sustainability goals, initiatives, and progress

Milliken Sustainability Hub

Visit the Milliken sustainability hub to download past reports, find out how we are addressing our sustainability challenges, and see our progress as we move towards a brighter, safer world for everyone.

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