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Borchers: A Global Coating Additives Manufacturer

Borchers is a coating additives and specialty catalysts manufacturer.  We make improvements to coatings systems across the spectrum of chemistries, applications, and end markets.

We impact the world around you every day.  We strive to make that impact more profound with each new product we develop, every project on which we collaborate, and every personal relationship we nurture.

You might not notice these effects, but it is why our people and company exist.  We take our role in improving the world seriously because what we do matters.  The products and services we offer make the world safer, more colorful, and perform better every day.

As a global manufacturer of coating additives, we have a wide range of solutions that touch many parts of your life.

Our environmentally friendly alternatives to toxic metals improve the performance and non-yellowing of alkyd coatings.  Cobalt-based promoters for radial tires help protect you and the most important people in your life.  We provide barrier coatings that prevent the degradation or spoiling of food in flexible or rigid packaging.  We make the catalysts that help create the insulation protecting your home, keeping you warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Borchers provides additive solutions that bring out the best color and performance in your coatings to beautify and protect your home or car.

Our Story

Borchers coatings additive supplier headquarters Westlake, OH, USA

Borchers headquarters in Westlake, OH, USA

Our easily accessible geographic locations around the globe enhance our ability to quickly respond and collaborate with customers on various coatings, flexible packaging, printing ink, and adhesives solutions.  We pride ourselves on building strong customer relationships through our fast response times and ability to effectively collaborate on producing specialty solutions to fit their needs.

We also work closely with other raw material suppliers to better understand future technologies and market needs which inevitably require new product solutions.  We will collaborate with you to develop solutions to the problems you face when formulating your high performance coatings.

Borchers began as a chemical business over two centuries ago, in 1807—making us one of the oldest operating specialty chemical companies in the world.  Previous owners of our business included companies such as H.C. Starck, Bayer, and Lanxess, each of whom had tremendous influence on the product offerings, technology, and development of our company.  Our rich heritage in metal carboxylates began in 1946 as a small, privately held business originating in Cleveland, Ohio making siccatives for newspaper inks.

coating additives manufacturer and supplier Borchers history

An 1895 article from the grandson of Borchers’ founder reports on how the relatively recent availability of electricity affects the chemical industry, especially in Germany. Specifically, he mentions attempts of the Borchers company to generate electrical energy from carbon monoxide (from coal gasification) and air in an electrical cell. An assessment of this endeavor would not be possible at the present stage

Through organic growth and acquisitions, we have developed into a global leading provider of performance additives for the coatings, inks, and adhesives markets by offering a comprehensive range of Dispersants, Rheology Modifiers, Flow & Leveling Agents, and Defoamers.  Our unique technology-driven portfolio helps formulators meet increasingly stringent environmental regulations and specific customer and market needs.

In January 2020, Borchers was acquired by Milliken & Co., a global producer of specialty chemicals, floor coverings, healthcare solutions, and performance and protective textiles. As a part of Milliken & Co.’s chemical division, Borchers’ focus continues to be on providing innovative solutions for customers to increase the competitiveness of their products.



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